Materials to review before taking the next step

International Diploma in Transforming Local Governments

An online-free Diploma from TNI and UAR (Open University Recoleta) that explores municipalism and local transformations.

What’s confederalism?

A video exploring what confederalism means, looking at some historical examples, from the Paris commune and the Spanish revolution to Rojava and the Zapatistas.

Zapatistas: Lessons in community self-organisation in Mexico

Open Democracy article introducing the Zapatistas, experimenting with self-organisation in Mexico since 1994

The Éric Piolle Effect: Grenoble’s Green Transition

Green European Journal article about the Rebel City Grenoble and its green municipalism

How can Amsterdam municipalism endure

Report by Imogen Hamilton-Jones, written together with Thomas de Groot, about municipalism and commons in Amsterdam.

Choose Your Next Step

Despite historical, economic and social differences, municipalist struggles share objectives because we all are under the neoliberal, patriarchal and ecocide global regime. So it has been crucial to strengthen ties and to learn from one. Would you like to know more about a specific effort to unite municipalist struggles under the "Fearless Cities" motto? Or maybe you would rather have a look at different mapping efforts that show many different cases to learn from.

Fearless Cities: when activists occupy the institutions

Scales / Mapping: another world is already happening