Materials to review before taking the next step

Atlas of Utopias

Transformative Cities Atlas of Utopias showcases collective transformations that ensure access to basic rights: water, energy, housing and food.

European Municipalist Network Map

The EMN Map pinpoints municipalist movements and initiatives across Europe.

Fearless Cities Map

The Fearless Cities Map shows Rebel Cities across the world.

Cities for Change, Amsterdam

Website explainer about Cities for Change, an online convergence of municipalist cities in 2021

Ciudades del Cambio

Mapping cases in Spain

Urban Alternatives

Mapping cases in Europe

Choose Your Next Step

Finding alternatives is not the difficult part, but rather ow to learn from the too many available options... one possible direction to follow is in relation to a specific problem you can deal with. And a problem could be in relation to the "process" or the "content". About the "process", we suggest you review the "remunicipalisation" step, here you will find how local governments are solving different public problems by taking back control of public utilities. About the content, we suggest you review the "reclaiming housing" step, where you can find information about the specific and urgent problem of housing.


Reclaiming Public Space and Housing