Materials to review before taking the next step

mPOWER Project: Best Practices Guides

These guides capture the knowledge and experience of municipal officers participating in the mPower Exchange programme and is relevant for anyone with a role within a municipality.

The small Scottish isle leading the world in electricity

A BBC article about how Eigg became the world’s first community to launch an off-grid electric system powered by wind, water and solar – and this group of residents largely taught themselves how to do it.

How radical municipalism can go beyond the local

An Uneven Earth article about fighting for more affordable, accessible places to live means fighting for a less carbon-intensive future.

Living Well on a Finite Planet: Building a Caring World Beyond Growth

A book by Commons Network that argues careful degrowth transformation requires a new discourse of health and care, guided by different dynamics and practices.

Choose Your Next Step

Local governments tackle the challenges of the ecological transition with at least a couple of tools we invite you to review. On the one hand, changing the way we understand economy, paying attention to a more democratic and caring economy. Also municipalities can follow the path shown by other local governments, remunicipalising public services in order to make them more just and sustainable. What would you like to know more about?

Democratic Local Economy