Materials to review before taking the next step

Municipalist France!

The recent wave of local election victories in France demonstrates the potential of municipalist transformations.

‘We Can!’ – a new Green-Left coalition takes over Croatia’s capital

Article on Zagreb je NAŠ! victory in the Zagreb local elections

Neapolitan Commons Network

“How we do it” explainer by the Neapolitan network for urban commons.

Barcelona en Comú

Municipalist Monday thread on how Barcelona en Comú have transformed the city since 2015

Candidatura d’Unitat Popular, CUP

EMN’s Municipalist Monday thread about CUP, Catalonia’s assembly based municipalist party who came fourth overall in the 28M elections.

Choose Your Next Step

The challenge of local transformative governance is not only huge but different according to local contexts, would you like to take a look at specific cases that have shown the extraordinary power local people have when they are organised? Or would you like to take an online course on municipalism with activists, scholars and public servants organised by the EMN?

EMN Municipalism School

Transformative Local Governments: a bridge between institutions and the streets