Materials to review before taking the next step

En Italie, la Zad de Mondeggi cultive le bien commun

French article about Mondeggi, an experiment in practice, rethinking our relationship to land

Pervolarides of Thessaloniki

One of the EMN awarded projects working in Thessaloniki, Greece.

It’s cities, not nations, that can challenge corporations and tackle climate change

Article about how municipalities can, and are, tackling the climate crisis and its impacts

Mondeggi Bene Comune

Mondeggi Bene Comune, for over a decade this communal democratic space has explored how we can produce & live together – living through solidarity, autonomy & participative democracy.

Scotland’s community renewable powered islands

Renewables are powering many Scottish communities through democratic & collective ownership, with some parallels to remunicipalisation elsewhere.

Choose Your Next Step

The climate crisis is putting humanity as a whole in jeopardy. The task is enormous, and we have two urgent goals: to get more people informed and to share real alternatives. What would you like to know more about? How to better inform societies through appealing storytelling? Or how local governments are tackling environmental challenges?

Political Education & Storytelling

Ecological Transition and Degrowth

(Municipalist Wave Track)