XXI century digital knowledge confronts us with the challenge of “choosing among very interesting information”: The problem is no longer about “finding information”, but the fact that we can NOT read everything. We need to decide, in order to get the best from our time, what exactly can be useful. But how do we do it if we have not read it yet? The “EMN Municipalism Virtual Experience” is a tool for those interested in the local transformation, but overwhelmed by the huge amount of information already available online. We have created certain paths, according to your interests, in which you will follow certain recommendations selected by a group of activists, scholars and public policy experts, in order to offer what is worthy to spend your time in. What you will find here is not “everything” or “the best”, but rather “different paths designed to offer you essential information, organized in different topics and context, always having in mind the different interests of the diverse actors involved in local political transformations”.

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You will be presented with a first choice: what are you interested in? Being part of the democratic participation and assembly discussions, in order to gain more knowledge about the challenges and possible alternatives at the local level. Or, maybe you are interested in learning more about the municipalist wave, characterized by the arriving of activists into political institutions. According to the path you choose, you will find, in every step, specific information regarding certain aspect of the path… Curious? Go and try!

Discuss at the Assembly

Social movements and participatory democracy track

Go to the Institutions

Municipalist wave and public policies track